A Macro-Economic Study of Correlation between Tradeable Assets

It can be challenging to visualise the correlation between assets when you have a whole portfolio full of them. You can create a heatmap that shows all the assets in your portfolio and the correlation between them.

And in true Darwinex fashion, we’ve created a heatmap for 40 of the Darwinex platform assets. This heatmap gives us a high-level view of the correlation between this universe of tradeable assets at Darwinex.

It might look like some random NFT, but what this heatmap does is display the correlation between every asset in an easy to see manner. Using a heatmap in this way can help speed up asset selection when deciding on what to put in your portfolio.

Correlation is the enemy of Diversification.

It gives you a clear view of what combinations of assets are likely to provide good diversification benefit and which ones are likely to not. This extra clarity is essential because trading correlated assets can increase the risk on the portfolio.

What is Delta?

Delta is a mathematical term that simply means a change in value. In a previous post, we showed you how to calculate (r) and (R²), but we highlighted a flaw in this approach and showed you how to calculate (R²) using the Delta (the price change) instead, which is a much more robust way to calculate the correlation.

Using the heatmap, we can see the correlation between an FX major like GBPUSD and the FTSE index. Looking at the heatmap, we can quickly see that these have a correlation of 0.00036. This correlation would indicate that trading these two assets at the same time could provide us with diversification benefit.

Take a look at Martyn’s heap map. If you had to pick 2 FX pairs, a stock index and a commodity, what would you choose and why?

As always, answers on a postcard @darwinexchange

This post covers the correlation between assets. But there are three other techniques we’ve used previously. In the next episode, we take a look at the correlation between timeframes.

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