dma single stock offering

Launching DMA Single Stock Offering

Darwinex will offer direct market access (DMA) to single stocks from May 10th, 2018. We will start with contracts for differences (CFDs) on 30 US stocks -the DJIA constituents- on the MT5 platform.

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Asset Universe

Once we have road-tested operations, we will:

  • Expand the universe of US stocks
  • Add European stocks

Our target is to eventually include the 20% of reference stocks that account for 80% of volume.

The rest of this blog entry describes:

  • The price feed
  • The venues you trade at
  • Our strategy regarding DARWINs on single stocks

Further, we’ll be happy to take any outstanding questions in a dedicated webinar on May 24th, 6PM London Time – it’d be great if you attend!

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The price you see

Streaming a high quality price-feed has required a trade-off between 3 goals:

  1. Reporting the true market price for the stock at hand, whilst
  2. Meeting exchange data-distribution requirements, at a cost
  3. We could subsidise for users

The best compromise on the above was CBOE’s offering. We’ll stream their Top of Book feed at no charge to customers:

—> US: the CBOE BZX live Top of Book price,

—> Europe: the live CBOE Europe stream,

CBOE’s feeds are the most representative alternative to primary markets.

The fill you get

We broker your Direct Market Access via our Prime Broker in London, and its clearing agents.

The brokerage commission you pay us buys you the best fill:

  • In the open market, including both CBOE and every alternative,
  • Via systematic internalisers under the MifId regime in Europe

That is, the price you:

  • See is the price available from the relevant CBOE venue (depending on whether you trade US or European stocks)
  • Get is the best market price available from any regulated alternative, including CBOE US or Europe, but not limited to it

Equity based DARWINs?

Managing risk for underlyings not trading 24/5 required changes to the Risk Manager. This is because the software must protect investors in the event of overnight price gaps.

We’ve developed a new Risk Manager, alongside a new testing environment. This will keep the more than USD 50MM AuM in the Platform safe, but also pave the way for more asset classes in the future (futures, here we come!).

Check Out All Assets Currently Offered at Darwinex <>

What this also means is that equity based DARWINs are well on their way. Our plan is to release them as soon as we’ve live-tested the new operational processes for stocks… stay tuned!

More details

We will provide more background on all the above in a webinar on May 24th, 6PM London Time. Please send any questions in advance in the comments to this blog entry, and we’ll be glad to cover them!

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6 replies
  1. Jon Grah
    Jon Grah says:

    Can you offer some of these via mt4 as well. Some brokers do this (offer cfds via mt4 platform).

    Although I see where exchange-traded products like futures contracts would be better suited for mt5.

    • The Market Owl
      The Market Owl says:

      Hi Jon Grah,

      Unfortunately, MT4 does not allow us to do so. I encourage you to open an MT5 account since Metaquotes is devouting all their efforts in MT5, leaving MT4 aside. Regards

  2. Lance
    Lance says:

    Really good to see that Darwinex are expanding the range of markets available into single stocks. Please can you also add quarterly expiring futures for the major indices and FX pairs as well? As the roll over charge on dailies really hits the profitability of swing trading strategies when you have positions open for 4 to 8 traded days or more.


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