DarwinIA Trading Challenge

This video explains our monthly Darwinia trading challenge: why we run it, how it works, and what to expect if you win the allocation. We hope you enjoy it!

Investable trading is the only long term profitable way. But, what about the short term? Long term can seem very far away!

To help you, we at Darwinex have decided to launch DarwinIA, our monthly cash prize awarded to strategies with Investor Appeal. The prize money is paid to the Darwinex strategies that have been analyzed by our patented algos as being investable. This brief tutorial explains how DarwinIA works and how consistent traders can benefit from it.

We believe we’ve created a true win-win situation here. We attract and reward talented traders both in the short and long term. Winners get helped along the way and everyone looks up to investable traders, instead of the lucky monkeys.

Want to join this month’s DarwinIA? All it takes is trading a Darwinex real account rated Newbie or higher! Are you not trading with Darwinex yet? No problem! Simply upgrade any existing real MT4 account with any other broker by migrating your existing track record over to us – there’s no need to start a track record from scratch!


Any questions? Just reach out to info@darwinex.com and we’ll help you out 🙂

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