DarwinIA to allocate a maximum of €5M to 80 winning DARWINs

From the August 2019 edition onwards of the trading competition DarwinIA, we’ll allocate a maximum of 5,000,000.00 of notional capital between the winning 80 DARWINs.  We’ll thus increase by half a million the maximum allocation and by 20 the number of DARWINs which recieve an allocation each month.

4 years of DarwinIA

The August 2019 edition will close the 4th year of DarwinIA.  We started our monthly trading competition in September 2015.  In that first edition we allocated a total of €320,000.00 of notional capital to the 16 winnings DARWINs.  Amongst the winners there were DARWINs which would later become classics such as NTI, ERQ or LZL.

Over the 4 years, we have modified both the structure as well as the amount of the prizes, until we have reached the 5 million that we are now announcing.

The competition remains true to its original aim: to have the highest number possible of traders opt to receive performance fees.  Furthermore, the allocation forces the traders to face the psychological challenge of managing third party capital and prepare for when the investment volumes increase.

At present, almost 25% of the DARWINs have managed to win a prize with a total of more than $2million in paid performance fees.

We increase downwards, not upwards

The additional half a million will go to the new 20 winning DARWINs each month, with a maximum allocation of  €25,000.00 for each one.  The number of DARWINs which will receive a DarwinIA allocation will go from 60 to 80.  By this means, we will continue to increase the percentage of DARWINs which manage to win a prize in DarwinIA.

1 year of ESMA

We announce this new increase of DarwinIA just 1 year after the introduction of the ESMA measures.

Many thought that the annoucement of these measures would be the death of us, but we always thought that, medium term, the measures introduced would be beneficial for Darwinex and our clients.

Increasing DarwinIA one year later means a lot for us.  We have grown almost a 50% since then and we want to share it with our clients through DarwinIA.

Thank you for continuing to trust in Darwinex!

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    Dear Sir, I am debasish from Bangladesh. Can i Forex &Currency Index Trade in Your Firm ? if Yes Please which way mt4 Platform Open in your Firm ?


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