Darwinex at Forex Day 2017

In what is becoming a tradition, this year we again were in attendance at The ForexDay on 9th-10th June in Madrid.

As in previous years, the event lasted for two days: on the first day (Friday 9th June), the organisers gave a trading course (for a fee) which ended with an international trading contest. On the second day (Saturday 10th June), there were presentations about trading on two stages in the Official College of Architexts in Madrid, Spain (you can see the event programme here).

International trading contest (9th June)

This year, the international trading contest participants were Rob Hoffman, Davide Biocchi and Tarek Elmarhri. As well as being a great trader, Tarek is the Darwinex Ambassador for France, so you can imagine who we were rooting for…and as the good trader that he is there are no prizes for guessing who won 😉

And the winner is… Tarek, of course!You can see an interview with Tarek here (apologies for the poor sound quality).

General Public Event (10th June)

On Saturday, at 9 am, the doors opened for the general public event.  As in previous years, we were surprised by the amount of people queuing at the door to attend the event.  From Darwinex we want to congratulate the organisers for how well everything turned out.

The Trading Conferences soon got underway on the stages, including the conference that we had prepared.

Darwinex Conference (Expo Stage)

At 12.30 am the first Darwinex conference took place: ‘Independent trader experiences – their day-to-day trading’, in the which Mallku, Riddick and Mimago shared their experiences as traders (with their proven track records).

Mallku, Riddick and Mimago on stage


As can be seen in the photos, the room was filled to capacity… we actually had to leave the stage without answering all the questions so the next speakers did not run out of time! You can see a video of the conference here (NB: the conference starts at 2:19.40).

At Darwinex, we wish to thank all those in attendance because it was a pleasure to have you all there!

Darwinex Conference (International  Stage)

Following on the success of the conference in the Expo Stage, we then held another Darwinex Conference in the Sala Panorámica. As the in previous conference, the theme was ‘Independent trader experiences – their day-to-day trading’. This time the guest speakers were Integracore2, VPSEnry, ChicksFX and Mallku. Once again the Conference was a success and many of those in the audience approached out stand to ask us about Darwinex, DARWINs, DarwinIA, etc.

You can watch a recording of the conference here.

Also, you can watch interview carried out by ForexDay with some of the participants on their Youtube channel.

Event Highlights

Having come this far, it is fair to say that the event was a success: Tarek won the international trading contest, the conferences offered by our traders filled to capacity both halls (the conferences ended up with standing room only due to such a high attendance!)

Nevertheless, this does not explain why the event was such a big success for us: what really put such a big smile on our faces that day was all the traders and investors that visited us at our stand: as well as Mallku, Riddick, Mimago, Integracore2, VPSEnry and ChicksFX, who were in attendance as guest speakers, we had the enormous please of speaking with Yofxtrader, ElQuantitativo, Chema01, MCFD, Pedroml and GlobalMarkets, amongst many others. We offer you all our most sincere thanks. We attended ForexDay in 2013 as guest and we never could have imagined the amount of great traders (and great people) that would end up becoming part of this traders’ movement a few years later… and the best is yet to come!


PS: According to our friends the best part of the day were the post-event drinks! 

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