Darwinex Filters 2.0 & DARWIN Providers’ equity

As you may recall, a couple of weeks ago we launched the new Darwinex filters that allow you to pick those  DARWINS that are on fire, trending, promising, etc. (you can find further info about our filters here).

This week, we are introducing a new filter and an upgrade to the filters launched a couple of weeks ago, together. Please read on to discover the upgrades / new features introduced.

1. DARWINS you invested in the past

The new filter allows you to track the performance of DARWINS you bought in the past and were removed from your portfolio lately. This is helpful 1. to check if you were right closing your investment in them and 2. to bear in mind which DARWINS have a “negative” watermark in your history.


2. Combine several filters

Another useful feature introduced this week allows you to combine several filters. This comes in very handy to fine-tune your search and find the best DARWINS on our site.


For instance, you can look up DARWINS you removed from your portfolio recently that are now “on fire”, or promising DARWINS that are now “trending”, etc.

3. DARWIN Providers’ Equity

This is a long-requested feature by the Darwinex community: for the sake of transparency, investors are now able to see how much the DARWIN Provider is trading in the DARWIN’s underlying trading account (note: the equity of non-DARWIN Providers is not disclosed). Equity is not updated in real time, so please bear in mind that figures may vary slightly from the current equity in the DARWIN Provider’s account.


We hope you like the new features, more upgrades are in the pipeline!

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  1. Peter
    Peter says:

    The new filters are great. However it is not possible to see which Darwins are included in one or more filters short of plodding through every single Darwin in every single filter (excluding Invested in the Past).

    For example, BLI is currently included in 5 of the 6 filters (Invested in the Past is excluded for the purpose of this discussion). The only way to see this (other than looking directly at BLI) is to select Top Invested + Good Scores + Quote>200 + On Fire + Trending. If ANY other combination of filters is selected BLI will not be visible as being contained in 5 filters.

    (My maths days are long gone but I believe that there are 720 possible combinations of the 6 filters: 6x5x4x3x2x1 !)

    Therefore please add a filter which shows ANY Darwin contained in one or more filters. The filter should preferably be ordered such that Darwins included in all 6 filters are at the top and those included in only one filter are at the bottom. If the filter is downloadable so much the better!

    • The Market Owl
      The Market Owl says:

      Hi Peter

      thanks for the feedback. Passed this on to the team – not sure how easily implemented it is, but rest assured we’ll give it proper consideration 🙂

      Keep the ideas coming!


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