Darwinex & Brexit

What a night – looks like Brits caught most markets by surprise.


Brexit opens plenty of long term questions for all, but until more clarity from political leaders is offered, everything remains business as usual.

What is certain for now is:

  1. Few customers were caught on the wrong side of trades, and Darwinex has suffered negligible losses owing to negative customer assets
  2. Trades are clearing, but market liquidity remains thin – DMA spreads are likely to stay wide until the dust settles, be cautious in your trading!
  3. The FCA has published this statement specifying no short term changes to the regulatory environment
  4. Our increased margin levels will remain in force until further notice. We do not rule out further margin increases depending on market reactions.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to info@darwinex.com  if you have any specific questions!

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