The DARWIN IPO Process

12 February 2015
The Market Owl

darwin206 years ago today, Charles Darwin was born.  As you have probably gathered, the name of our company is inspired by him and his theory of evolution.

We’re a great believer in the concept of survival of the fittest and if there was a modern jungle in which you see this everyday, it would have to be the markets.

To survive as a successful independent trader, you have to keep your wits about you and continually learn and adapt to changing market conditions.  This why we created the Investable Attributes and our DarwinIA competition so that you can evolve your trading style and strategy in a sustainable way.  For Darwinex, the end result of all of this is to have your trading strategy listed on our exchange as a DARWIN.

The infographic below shows the 7 steps that lead to your very own IPO:

If you’d like to have your own DARWIN IPO, you can migrate an existing MT4 account to us or create a new one.  The migration process is straight forward and free.

To find out more, visit our main site or reach out to us at