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24 Filter Criteria To Design Your Custom DARWIN Filters

We’re glad to announce the addition of 5 extra filtering criteria which will bring new search options to your customized DARWIN filters.

With almost 2000 DARWINs listed on the exchange, the possibility to design customized filters is -together with the default filters– an essential tool for investors. We’ve had dozens of requests from users -thank you very much!- asking us to add some new filter criteria to the existing 19.

We’ve now incorporated them in order to facilitate the time-consuming task of searching and finding DARWINs that meet your investment requirements.

Without further delay, let me introduce you to the latest additions:

  • Investment capital (in USD)
  • Underlying strategy VaR (% with two decimals)
  • Monthly divergence (% with two decimals. Can be positive or negative.)
  • Days in Darwinex since migration or account creation
  • Currency (EUR, USD or GBP)

You can create and customize your own filters from the All DARWINs section (top right) and, once you’ve saved them, they’ll be visible in the main menu (My filters section).

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