Changing our LIVE MT4 server this weekend

Further to our MT4 demo server change a couple of weeks ago, please be informed that we are changing our LIVE MT4 server this weekend (10 – 11 October 2015).

To access your live MT4 account after the 11 October 2015, kindly connect to our new server by typing the new server manually (see screenshot below).


Also, if you use the MT4 mobile app, you’d need to follow these steps to access our new server.

For the moment, the new server won’t have any impact on our charts or the assets that can be traded on our MT4. In the coming weeks we’ll introduce the following changes on our MT4 platforms:

  • Our servers’ timezone will change to NY close so you’ll have only 5 daily candles a week
  • More history data will be available for backtesting purposes
  • Indices & further commodities will be tradable on our MT4
  • Our servers will be more robust & stable

We will keep you duly posted. As always, please feel free to get in touch at for support!


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