Changing our Demo MT4 symbols this weekend

As announced a couple of weeks ago, indices & commodities will be tradable on our MT4 terminal soon.

In order to start offering these new assets, we need to introduce a minor change to our MT4 symbols. We will first test this change in our demo environment with a view to introducing it in our live environment afterwards. Starting this weekend (14 & 15 November 2015), the MT4 symbols in our demo environment won’t include a dot anymore (i.e. “EURUSD.” will be “EURUSD” after this weekend).


We’d recommend you reviewing the EAs you are running on Darwinex Demo accounts. This change won’t have any impact on trades that remain open during the weekend, we’ll change their symbols on our end. Also, our live environment is NOT changing yet, we will keep you duly posted.

As always, please feel free to get in touch at should you need assistance.

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