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DARWIN conditional orders in live environment

14 November 2017

We have the pleasure to announce that we are finally rolling out DARWIN conditional orders in the live environment. Demand was so strong, this just couldn’t wait any longer! Conditional orders for live accounts The DARWIN Exchange now supports conditional orders in the live environment. Investors may now enter conditional orders so that when a […]

Pre-trade alert for Darwins with high negative divergence

5 October 2017

Alert for high investor divergence Due to rapid investor growth, some Darwins with a lot of investment are starting to experience high divergence. For those unfamiliar with Darwin divergence, we recommend you consult this article explaining how Darwinex measures divergence. To avoid existing Darwin investors (and the Darwin provider themselves) being negatively impacted by new […]

DARWIN De-Listing policy

26 September 2017

Life is about cycles: organisms are born, grow, (the fit ones!) breed and eventually – die. Back in 2012, we started a “market where investors buy traders”… which put us in the market for a catchy name. As we attracted our first traders, we learnt that trading strategies are not unlike living organisms. Everyone tries. […]

Introducing conditional orders

23 August 2017

Regular DARWIN investors know best – DARWINs can be leveraged for active management in addition to passive investing. Having said that, one thing many have rightfully requested were conditional orders. How about: Stop my loss if a DARWIN now quoting for 137 drops to 122?, or Take my profit once my DARWIN currently listing at […]

Increasing investment capacity through leverage on the Darwinex platform

8 August 2017

If as a DARWIN investor you have the leverage option enabled, there is a way to increase your investment amount in the event that you have a profitable open position in a given DARWIN.   By way of example, let’s assume that: We have €5,000 invested in a DARWIN, The open P/L is €1,000. The […]

Introducing DarwinexLabs – Prop Investing DARWINs

19 June 2017

Introducing DarwinexLabs We’re sending our Quant team on a new mission – and what better way to start than a new name? Introducing DarwinexLabs! What mission? DarwinexLabs’ next mission is to openly beat the market leveraging the DARWIN data-set. Why, and why now? Re-loaded introduces a new visual interface, but the bigger changes are under the hood. All diagnostic […]

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