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New Feature: The Effect of Spread on a DARWIN’s Purchase Cost

31 October 2018

We’ve released a new feature affecting the process of buying a DARWIN which will benefit especially those investors who practice active investing with DARWINs. It’s called “Quoted price” and incorporates the buying cost of a DARWIN due to spread. Initial negative divergence and its root cause There are investors who, due to the type of investing they […]

Download Historical Tick Data

30 October 2018

Access to your broker’s historical tick data is an important pre-requisite for reliable backtesting of trading strategies. In Darwinex we’re transparent, which is why we were aware that offering access to our historical tick-level data was a pending task for us. That’s why we’re so happy to be able to announce that we provide all our live trading clients […]

New Chart: Evolution of Divergence

9 October 2018

As you may already have noticed, we’ve launched a new feature recently that both DARWIN providers and investors will find useful. Until now, values for only the average monthly divergence and latency were displayed on a DARWIN’s listing. This latest update now also enables you to visualize the evolution of divergence over time. What is divergence? […]

Quote Your MT5 Trading Strategy And Tap Investment Capital

5 July 2018

Quote your MT5 trading strategy, make it investable by creating a DARWIN and tap investment capital on the Darwin Exchange. If a while back we offered a warm welcome to MT5, today we inform you that you can darwinize* them in order to be able to tap the currently 54mn invested into traders on the […]

Chart Displaying The AuM Evolution In A DARWIN, Available Now

4 July 2018

Your wish is our command. Some time ago you asked us to check how invested capital in DARWINs had evolved over time, and to compare its curve with that of other metrics such as return or D-Score. Said and done, there you have it! Where is it? We have incorporated the brand-new chart inside the […]

24 Filter Criteria To Design Your Custom DARWIN Filters

25 June 2018

We’re glad to announce the addition of 5 extra filtering criteria which will bring new search options to your customized DARWIN filters. With almost 2000 DARWINs listed on the exchange, the possibility to design customized filters is -together with the default filters– an essential tool for investors. We’ve had dozens of requests from users -thank you […]

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