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Introducing new filter feature

15 July 2015

A recurring piece of investor feedback since the launch of the Investor Beta has been more powerful filtering tools to screen DARWINs. Investors visited the DARWINs section and did not know what DARWINs to pick. Your wish is our command – so introducing Darwinex filters! Read on to learn how to use them! 1. Choose risk level […]

DARWIN Investor Risk

8 May 2015

The risk in your DARWIN portfolio is managed by Darwinex to your personal risk appetite. Sexy, isn’t it? This requires you to understand the concept of equity at risk –  which sounds intimidating. To some extent, this is deliberate: investing in trading strategies takes effort, and telling you otherwise would be misleading. But demanding also makes […]

Long Tail — returns beyond the efficient frontier

3 May 2015

Read Juan’s chapter in the FinTech Book here: Long Tail — returns beyond the efficient frontier Looking forward to your feedback. You can read more chapters from this excellent project over at

DARWIN Investing – how to pick?

23 April 2015

If we had to list one question that tops the list of FAQ since admitting live investors to the platform – it’s that. Which DARWINs maximise long term return? Is it the ones with the best return to date? Or the ones that had the lowest drawdown within each risk level? Better still – how […]

10 rules for DARWIN investing

16 March 2015

2 months of live money DARWIN investing taught me some valuable lessons… When prepping my best friend for his first DARWIN investment, this got me thinking: why not share my 10 rules for DARWIN investing? Disclosure Before listing them, some  disclosure to set my moral conscience right: I’m head and shoulders into Darwinex: I’m not as neutral about […]

The Investor Platform – How to get early access

3 March 2015

We’re recently opened the doors to our Investor Platform where you can trade DARWIN’s on our exchange.  This is a major milestone for Darwinex and our loyal traders and investors. Access to the investor platform will be rolled out in phases so we can be sure to keep everything in check. To help this process, […]