microlotes del DAX

Now Available: Micro DAX Contracts

You have asked for it, so here we go: trade the DAX index CFD (GDAXI), micro lot by micro-lot, on MT4 (0.01 increments, as opposed to currently 0.1).

What has changed

Internally we’ve had to apply some small changes you’ll see reflected on the MT4 specifications of the GDAXI asset (see image below).

At the user level the only change  is that from now on, you’ll be able to open 0.01 contacts of GDAXI as opposed to the 0.1 minimum size before.

When you now open 0.1 contracts of GDAXI in your MT4 terminal, commissions, swaps, margin, etc. will be exactly the same as before with the advantage that you’ll also be able to open 0.01 contracts and its multiples (0.02, 0.03, etc.)

microlotes del dax

MT4 specifications GDAXI

Next steps on this front

We’re working on lowering the minimum size to micro contracts also for the rest of the indices that are part of our offering. Stay tuned!

What do you think about being able to trade micro contacts of the DAX index? Please share your comments, feedback and questions in the comments section, on the community forum or at info@darwinex.com.

And if you’re wondering about the difference between the DAX CFD and the DAX future, check out this video to know more about how index CFDs work.

app darwinex ios

Mobile app “Darwinex for Investors” available for iOS

The mobile app “Darwinex for Investors”, enabling you to invest in DARWINs from your mobile phone, is now available for iOS.

Download “Darwinex for Investors” for iOS.

In September 2016 we launched our app “Darwinex for Investors” for Android, the operating system that was then running on 80% of the world’s smartphones (now it’s 90%). Although this market share justifies that we started with Android, we thought from the beginning – and our users asked for it from the beginning, as well – that our app must be also available for iOS.

We resolved to deliver this in 2019 and, indeed, the moment has come to pay off this debt with our Apple enthusiast users: the app “Darwinex for Investors”, is now available for iOS.

As with the Android app, in order to start using the iOS app, it’s necessary to have a Darwinex user account already which, for the time being, can only be created on the web platform. During this year, we’ll develop new feaures for the mobile apps, one of them being the mobile sign-up to Darwinex.

Right now, the goal of the mobile apps is to enable DARWIN investors to monitorize their portfolio and have a greater control of their investments comfortably from their phones.

What do you think about the iOS app? Don’t forget to leave a review in the App Store!

On the community forum, there’s a post gathering feature requests for the mobile apps which you’re welcome to join sharing your requests. And if you find a bug in the iOS app, there’s a place to share it as well.