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The new Risk Manager 2.0 (Part 2)

7 March 2017

As we explained in our last post, the launch of Darwinex reloaded will bring important changes in the functionality of our Risk Manager. How you already know at this stage, the Risk Manager is one of the fundamental pillars of Darwinex, controlling the investor risk in an independent manner from the trader and maintaining the […]

The New Risk Manager 2.0

24 February 2017

For the last few months all of our efforts have been centralised on the launch of “DARWINEX reloaded”. One of the principal new releases of this launch will be the significant change in the functioning of our Risk Manager. In this post we will explain the four principal releases in the new Risk Manager 2.0 […]

FXCM – Update to US users

7 February 2017

On August 25, 2015, we published a post titled “how to tell a forex broker from a market maker”. In that post, we went to reasonable lengths to describe how Darwinex, an FCA Regulated “Matched Principal Broker”, trades WITH its customers, and never takes any positions against clients – a regulatory stipulation as well as […]

Darwinex Filters 2.0 & DARWIN Providers’ equity

1 September 2016

As you may recall, a couple of weeks ago we launched the new Darwinex filters that allow you to pick those  DARWINS that are on fire, trending, promising, etc. (you can find further info about our filters here). This week, we are introducing a new filter and an upgrade to the filters launched a couple of […]

Execution report section

29 June 2016

Perhaps because currencies are THE oldest asset around, spot foreign exchange trading remained over the counter (OTC) over the years and has yet to move onto regulated exchanges the way other asset classes (think spot equities, futures, interest rates, etc.) have long done. When it comes to the independent traders, this is bad news. OTC trading is OK as long as […]

Investor Platform launch

7 December 2015

The day has come! After three years of hard work, we are proud to announce that our investor platform is going off Beta on Wednesday 9 December 2015! Starting this Wednesday, our investor platform will open up to everyone with the following amendments to the conditions we used to offer during our Beta phase 1. Performance […]

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