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Darwinex & IBKR Jan-2021 Release: New Assets, New Account Types & Multicurrency

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We have some exciting news we’d like to share with you about our Interactive Brokers offering.

  1. We’ve added EUR and GBP to the available account currencies eliminating the restriction to deposit to your Interactive Brokers account in USD only.
  2. We’ve enabled two new account types: Classic and Darwin.

Classic accounts currently offer all USD-denominated US Stocks. More assets (ETFs, Futures) are coming soon.

Darwin accounts offer a restricted subset of assets available for trading + the soon-to-be-available ability to list your strategy on the DARWIN Exchange.

Listing your trading strategy on the Exchange will enable you to:

  1. Attract investor capital to back your strategy
  2. Legally charge 15% performance fees on investor profits on a High-Water Mark (HWM) basis.

Already open IBKR accounts are now considered Darwin accounts. Please contact us if you have such an account and would like to change it to a Classic account. Kindly note that it’s not possible to change the currency of the account.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are, and look forward to receiving your account application soon. Sign up here to receive information about how to apply and notifications about future releases.

The New "Funds" Section Replaces The "Wallet"

The New “Funds” Section Replaces The “Wallet”

We’ve been long aware that the information we were showing you about money movements and P&L was scarce. Sometimes it could be even confusing. That’s why a few months ago we got the ball rolling to redesign your Wallet. Here’s the result.

More information, easier to digest

The new “Funds” section extends the scope of the information we show you about your money. Besides wallet movements, you can also check, at a glance, the P&L of your trading and investing activity. We’ve also moved Tax reports from your “Settings” to the new “Funds” section. Information about deposit and withdrawal conditions is now more handy as well.


My funds

This is the main page of Funds. You’ll see the equity in your different accounts. You can also add/withdraw funds and make transfers between the Wallet and your accounts. It offers the features that were available before in the Wallet but in a more intuitive way.


Here you’ll see the breakdown of the results of your trading and investment activity. In a graphic way, covering both P&L and other earnings.

Wallet movements

Here you’ll see the details of all the movements between your accounts. Deposits, withdrawals, performance fee and rebate movements will also appear here. You’ll also find buttons to add funds or do transfers between your accounts.

Tax reports

Here you can download your tax reports. Before, you had to go to “Settings” for this.

With this update, we’ve also moved all secondary menus to the left vs the upper part of screen where some of them were still located before.

We hope that this change helps you to have a better view of your money movements and P&L within Darwinex.

Photo by NORTHFOLK on Unsplash