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The Darwinex take on Bafin’s negative balance protection ruling

5 June 2017

Die Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin, Germany’s financial markets regulator) has recently issued its definitive ruling on CFD regulation. If you wish to read on more on the actual regulation, or an abridged summary on the subject, feel free to consult – the rest of this post outlines our take on it. Will BaFin’s move make German […]

Why re-load Darwinex?

1 April 2017

Hi there – and thanks for bearing with us for such a long time! As you’ve noticed, the Darwin Exchange re-loaded overnight, so this post lays out what’s changed – but more importantly, WHY. What changes? A lot. The entire Darwinex team, in one way or another, shifted to “Re-loaded” from the 2016 summer break, and this is a large functionality release […]

Darwinex’s take on the FCA’s proposed leverage caps & bonus ban

10 February 2017

The FCA recently published a consultation paper proposing changes to the way it currently regulates CFD markets. You can read press release & consultation paper directly from the FCA’s site – but in essence what it proposes is to: Ban the practice of offering deposit bonuses. Limit the amount of leverage that brokers and broker dealers […]

FXCM – Update to US users

7 February 2017

On August 25, 2015, we published a post titled “how to tell a forex broker from a market maker”. In that post, we went to reasonable lengths to describe how Darwinex, an FCA Regulated “Matched Principal Broker”, trades WITH its customers, and never takes any positions against clients – a regulatory stipulation as well as […]

How to tell a forex broker from a market maker

25 August 2015

Following up on How to tell if a broker is regulated, here’s the answer to another classic: is my forex “broker” really a broker, or a dealing desk? NB: if you’re unsure why brokers and dealers (market makers) tick differently, watch this webinar. All we do here is get the regulator to tell you what’s what, in language meant for traders, not lawyers. […]

How to tell if/how a forex broker is regulated

20 August 2015

This is a classic for our customer service, so here’s a little guide to figure out if your broker is regulated, who’s behind it, and what permissions it holds. FYI: this is a guide for European traders – we’ll use Darwinex as an example – but if you’re seeking guidance on US regulation, this won’t be […]