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Long-Tail investment comes full circle

21 November 2017

Long-Tail Investment comes full circle Today is a happy day! THA is the first  long-tail investment to come full-circle: Finbou has paused THA to new investment. Please note that THA‘s pause is: To new investment – it will not be possible to buy THA, but existing investors remain in the DARWIN! Temporary, until we measure marginal slippage with 3.5 MM AuM […]

Order Execution Quality

16 November 2017

Why we disclose Order Execution Quality We strive to provide transparent brokerage service – with special focus on order execution quality. This is why we’ve recently added an Order Execution Quality section to the offering. Customers may now cross-check, for every fill: Requested vs. Fill Price Round-trip latency WYSIWYG – How to assess execution quality? wysiwyg (pronounced: […]

Why Darwinex is the DARWIN Exchange

2 November 2017

Why we are the Darwin Exchange When first trying to understand the DARWIN Exchange, Investors often ask questions like: How does Darwinex filter for trader quality? Which DARWIN / Trader should I back? How many traders make up an ideal portfolio? Our answer is: we are the Darwin Exchange. We don’t curate traders, and we […]

Pre-trade alert for Darwins with high negative divergence

5 October 2017

Alert for high investor divergence Due to rapid investor growth, some Darwins with a lot of investment are starting to experience high divergence. For those unfamiliar with Darwin divergence, we recommend you consult this article explaining how Darwinex measures divergence. To avoid existing Darwin investors (and the Darwin provider themselves) being negatively impacted by new […]

DARWIN De-Listing policy

26 September 2017

Life is about cycles: organisms are born, grow, (the fit ones!) breed and eventually – die. Back in 2012, we started a “market where investors buy traders”… which put us in the market for a catchy name. As we attracted our first traders, we learnt that trading strategies are not unlike living organisms. Everyone tries. […]

GBPUSD Spike – explained

21 September 2017

3 seconds before market close on the night from September 19th to September 20th, 2017, Darwinex experienced a significant price spike on GBPUSD. In this blog-post we explain what happened, & what we did about it. On a related note, we have scheduled this webinar to explain the process of liquidity aggregation for our OTC […]