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Podcast 12 – Liquidity aggregation: where the rubber hits the road

1 August 2018

In this episode we talk about liquidity aggregation at our brokerage. We’ll explain how the Darwinex broker operates, specifically where does the price you see and where the price you get come from when trading the assets we offer. We’ll cover liquidity aggregation for Exchange traded assets: Futures / DMA Stock CFDs OTC Assets: FX, Index […]

And the DarwinIA winners are… (July 2018)

The July 2018 edition of our DarwinIA trading challenge came to its end. Below you can find the 48 winners of the € 4,000,000.00 notional allocation for a 6 month period. Click on the Darwin’s ticker in the table to go to its page. Place DARWIN Notional allocation Darwinian Dividends 1st TMB € 300,000.00 — 2nd RDK € […]

‘Ask Me Anything’ session – watch or listen to the recording

25 July 2018

On July 19th, 2018 we held the second Ask Me Anything (AMA) session at Darwinex. Founders Juan and Javier Colón answered to questions from Darwinex users. Here’s the list of questions and when they appear in the recording so you can jump directly to the ones that interest you. Below the questions you’ll find the […]

Podcast 11 – Is trading data supplied by non-investable traders worthless?

In previous episodes we’ve talked about finding the 0.5% of needles in the haystack – they are the most valuable asset. They are the best trading data suppliers. But then: is trading data supplied by the remaining 99.5% worthless? No, it isn’t. There is value to it. Data in trading There’s an information asymmetry when it […]

The 7 most traded currencies in 2018 (and their main traits)

24 July 2018

The purpose of this article is to reveal which are the world’s most traded currencies in 2018, together with their main traits. This will reinforce your current forex knowledge and it’ll help you take one more step towards you becoming a successful and prestigious trader. The forex market is the largest and most liquid in […]

Podcast 10 – How To Prove There’s Good Traders Out There? Walk The Talk!

18 July 2018

In the last episodes we talked about making traders investable, the rise of the fittest and telling the skilled traders from the lucky. But… how do you know it’s not a whole lot of BS? How to tell this apart from a marketing gimmick of the Cash for Dealers industry? We get this a lot. If […]