Interview with TaoInvestments (DARWIN $RUG)

12 September 2017

Fellow trader TaoInvestments has been around for quite long. If you review our leaderboard, his DARWIN $RUG will certainly catch your eye: on top of achieving the “Promising” badge, he managed to get the “+50%” badge since 2015. Not bad! Want to know more about the brain behind $RUG? Read on! So, tell us a little about […]

Interview with eromawyn (DARWIN $EZX)

22 August 2017

Fellow trader eromawyn was featured on a popular French trading blog. We thought it’d be good to have a brief interview with the trader behind DARWIN $EZX!   So, tell us a little about yourself. How did you get started and how long have you been trading for? I began, initially timidly, to take an […]

Interview with CavaliereVerde (DARWIN $LSC)

25 July 2017

Fellow trader CavaliereVerde is by far the most active user on our website and our Community Forum. Since he signed up back in 2015, he has visited our site more than 5000 times… Impressive! On top of being an active user on our site, CavaliereVerde is a good trader, too: his DARWINS $KVL and $LSC have […]

Interview with TevershamCapital (DARWIN $UEI)

3 July 2017

Trader TevershamCapital imported his Teversham1 trading strategy  to Darwinex back in 2014. Since then, DARWIN $UEI has made a huge progress: it went through tough times in 2015, recovering in 2016 and making its D-Score skyrocket above 80 in 2017…  and finally making it to DarwinIA’s top spot in June 2017. Read on to learn more about the […]

Interview with Kwanwei (DARWIN $JCW)

1 December 2016

Trader Kwanwei imported his StructureAnalys1s strategy from his former broker to Darwinex back in August. Since then, his DARWIN $JCW made it twice to DarwinIA’s top 40, achieving an impressive 4th place in November! Read on to learn a bit more about the trader behind DARWIN $JCW. Kwanwei is pretty active in our Community Forum, too, so make sure […]

Interview with AndromedaHydra (DARWIN $DCD)

14 November 2016

DARWIN DCD is one of the most promising DARWINS on our platform. Despite its relatively low experience, it is one of the Trending DARWINS (= one of the DARWINS that gained more investors during the last month) and its impressive results also granted him the On Fire badge recently… We are proud to introduce AndromedaHydra, the trader […]

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