Trader Interview with Flagship (DARWIN $XAX)

13 November 2017

Trader Interview with Flagship (DARWIN $XAX) Looking at the DARWINS listed on our platform, DARWIN $XAX will certainly catch your eye: despite having a low “Experience” score, this DARWIN managed to be featured in the “On Fire” , “Trending” and the “Promising” filters. Not bad! Want to know more about the trader behind DARWIN $XAX ? Don’t […]

Trader Interview with Pulse07 (DARWINS $PUL, $PUZ and $PUD)

6 November 2017

Trader Interview with Pulse07 (DARWINS $PUL, $PUZ and $PUD) Next in our series of trader interviews, we have the honor to feature Pulse07, the trader behind several DARWINS (including $PUL, $PUZ and $PUD). This trader’s amazing returns have granted $PUL a spot in the Good Scores and the Trending filters… not bad! Want to know what it takes to […]

Interview with TradeHelper (DARWIN $DLF)

31 October 2017

Trader Interview with TradeHelper (DARWIN $DLF) Fellow trader TradeHelper is the brain behind DARWINS $DLF, $THJ, $DLI, $TFM and $TDF  (all of them yielding positive returns since inception!). DARWIN $DLF definitely stands out: its amazing returns have granted this trader a spot in the Top Invested, Return > 50%, On Fire and Trending filters… not to mention […]

Interview with TraderJTS (DARWIN $AXR)

23 October 2017

Next in our series of trader interviews is TraderJTS, the trader behind DARWIN $AXR. Despite having a relatively low Experience score, $AXR got himself a spot in the “On Fire” & the “>50 % Return”  filters. Good stuff! Want to know more about TraderJTS? Read on! So, tell us a little about yourself.  How did you get […]

Interview with VolcanoFX (DARWIN $GTD)

16 October 2017

VolcanoFX is the trader behind DARWIN $GTD. We highly recommend reading on to find out what it takes to run a consistent trading strategy for 4 years in a row… On top of being a great trader, VolcanoFX enjoys interacting with fellow traders and investors. Make sure you visit GTD’s thread in the Darwinex community forum to […]

Interview with PrimeZor (DARWIN $PRZ)

28 September 2017

Fellow user PrimeZor  is an active Darwinex trader currently running 4 profitable DARWINS (PRZ, ZXW, OZM and BGN). He’s also quite active in our Community Forum, where you can reach out to him to discuss trading strategies and ideas.   So, tell us a little about yourself. How did you get started and how long have […]

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