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If you want to go far… go together.

We won’t deliver on our mission to return markets to people by ourselves.

But that’s actually great: because valued partners like 50 give us daily inspiration to keep up.

Thank you 50, great to be in this with you.


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X-Mas 2014 Changes

We’re introducing wide-ranging change to accommodate the gradual release of the investor platform in 2015, starting today.

Trader related information

As we  open up for investors, trader specific information will be restricted to users who either link an MT4 account or trade a Darwinex MT4 account. The reason for this is that DARWINs are intrinsically different from the trading strategy they’re based on, and as such the detailed diagnostic of the trading strategy is  relevant in the context of a trader trying to increase the investability of his DARWIN, but not  much less so to a DARWIN investor.

Note: demo accounts will continue to enjoy basic diagnostics (return, risk, behaviour, etc.) but will not be diagnosed for Darwinex Investment Attributes (timing, discipline, scalability, etc.) going forward.

Investable DARWINS

The new performance standard is set by investors: going forward the only public information available to unlogged users will be investable DARWINs.

This means: only live, funded accounts traded with Darwinex will be accesible to investors. Demo accounts and live accounts not executed by us will not be displayed.

DARWINs list

Alpha investor platform testers wanted

The first batch of live investor user accounts will be allowed access to the platform from January onwards. More investors will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want to contribute to the effort (and enjoy first-come access to some seriously sexy DARWINS), feel free to comment on this blog-post.

Stay tuned…

Because this is literally the tip of the coming ice-berg!


Benzinga FinTech Awards

Thank you for all your support in this year’s Benzinga FinTech awards. So far we’re had over 150 votes, more than enough needed to get us through to the next round.  The competition is tough though, so please keep showing your support on the link below.

As part of the competition, one of our co-founders Juan was interviewed by the president of Benzinga, Kyle Bazzy. Here’s the interview:

Your DarwinEX widgets

We thought it’d be useful to explain the use of your DarwinEX widgets in this blog post for future reference.

Deploying your widget

All you need is visit the widgets section in the main DarwinEX user menu.

Understanding the syntax

The widget syntax contains the following variables:

  • Widget type: there’s currently 3 types of widgets, feel free to share ideas for more!
  • Strategy holder: DarwinEX user name of the strategy
  • Strategy code: DarwinEX code for the strategy
  • Widget publisher: DarwinEX user name for the user publishing the widget
  • Size in pixels (note this is widget dependent)

The example below shows the syntax for the return widget in a hypothetical case where SatoTrader publishes the return for his strategy WGD.4.


Risk / Return / Drawdown widget

We have not implemented any authentication to keep things simple – data is public on our LeaderBoard anyways. Rules of engagement

  1. Any DarwinEX user may publish the track-record for any linked or traded with DarwinEX.
  2. Any lead first visiting DarwinEX via the widget is credited to the scouting account of the publisher, provided the publisher coincides with the strategy holder

This means that anyone CAN publish (e.g. usurp) someone else’s track record. BUT unless we make an exception (which we may do for trusted educational providers) he/she will NOT be credited for leads. We sometimes tolerate selfish behaviour if it results in a selfless contribution to the Independent Trader movement 🙂 Questions / Suggestions? As ever, feel free to reach out to info@darwinex.com. Ignacio, Vladi & Co. will be happy to listen & help!

The evolution from TradeSlide to Darwinex…

What happened to TradeSlide?

Many of you reached out to us asking why we changed from TradeSlide to Darwinex. Of course, we owe you an explanation.

As you know, TradeSlide was launched with a view to empowering committed traders.

During the last year, we explo​red broker-partnerships for investors to back the most skilled traders on our luck-free Leaderboard. The thinking was: a rigorously rated PAMM service for talented trader & savvy investor benefit.

Entering conversations, we knew 3 things we would NEVER compromise:

  1. 100 % legal and morally aligned incentives
  2. ​best execution for traders and investors; and​
  3. making sure investors could only replicate strategies by paying traders for their full upside.

Our conclusion has been: we cannot guarantee all three by partnering up with 3rd party brokers.

Which is why we decided to evolve to Darwinex: the trader & investor profit exchange.

What is Darwinex?

Darwinex holds both an FCA (UK) asset manager and an FCA (UK) STP only broker license.
For those who sign up at Darwinex , we already offer:

  • FCA (UK) regulated, 100% STP, low latency, conflict free execution on MT4
  • Tight DMA spreads (we’ll NEVER apply mark-ups!) for transparent commissions
  • Darwinia: a darwinian trading competition to diagnose your investable attributes (discipline, experience, risk management, timing, performance and scalability)

Darwinia Leaderboard

Darwinex is already a very competitive broker and your roadmap to improve as a trader. Shortly, we will be an investor gateway: a game-changing investment platform that will launch once your investable track-records populate it. 

We´re evolving to THE 1 stop-shop where independent traders get legally paid for trading. Which makes YOU the missing link in financial evolution.

To make the most of Darwinex, you can sign in with your existing TS username and password and link any existing MT4 or cTrader account – all brokers supported!

 If you do not have a TS username and password, just click here to link your account and have your trading strategy diagnose and analysed. It’s 100% free!

Now you know!

TradeSlide has evolved to Darwinex. It’s not only the name that has changed. We have taken a step forward to stick to our vision. The name is different. The vision remains the same: Darwinex empowers committed traders to live off their trading. Prove you are a consistent trader and we will do our best to bring you investors.

Why Darwinex?

What does “Darwinex” stand for?

Our name pays tribute to Charles Darwin – first man to get evolution: the process whereby life grows fit to survive the challenges that face it.

Evolution is slow, but unstoppable. Big & mighty Dinosaurs once ruled the Earth… until they didn’t.

It’s not 100% clear why (meteorite? climate change?), but the world changed faster than dinosaurs could adapt, so they disappeared.

But not all life failed! Seemingly small and vulnerable, but agile creatures fought and struggled, and the fittest survived to send e-mails like this!



What’s evolution got to do with independent forex trading?

EVERYTHING! You see a meteorite hit financial markets 20 years ago!

Before, only employees of financial corporations could trade. Today, online, millions of independent brains like YOU challenge Goldman Sachs & Co. for trading profits.

Sure, some stick to Jurassic thinking. All they see is “retail traders”. Since your wallet is small, they treat YOU like a mentally inferior. They offer “get rich, quick” shortcuts, 1000:1 leverage, social trading…) and play other clever tricks (re-quotes, slippage, etc.) designed to keep your money, because that’s all they see in you.

At Darwinex, we see TALENT

We know that BIG talents start out with small wallets: users like KlondikeFX, ForexBao beat the market month in, month out – and the best part is that their profits owe NOTHING to luck! By detecting their Investable Attributes our algorithms explained their long-term performance long ago!

We believe in financial market evolution. That’s why we’ve developed algorithms to diagnose talent, offer raw DMA spreads second to none, and why we asked the UK’s FCA to certify that we NEVER trade against our independent traders. It’d be JURASSIC to bet against the evolution of financial markets!

All of which makes you the missing link: fancy teaching Jurassic thinkers that you’re way more than a “retail trader”? If you’re committed to your evolution as a trader, our eco-system has much to offer. KlondikeFX & Co. know.

If you joined, together, we could teach the world financial market evolution!


Wouldn’t that be DARWINEX?


Darwinex evolved traders