Trading Schedule for the US Independence Day (5 July 2021)

Please note the amended Darwinex trading hours for the upcoming US Independence Day on 5 July 2021. All times are in UK (BST) time.


FX Monday – 5 July 2021
All FX Instruments Normal Trading Hours
DARWINs** **Normal Trading Hours
Commodities Monday – 5 July 2021
Gold *23:00 Sun– 17:58 Mon
Silver *23:00 Sun– 17:58 Mon
US Crude *23:00 Sun– 17:43 Mon
US Natural Gas *23:00 Sun– 17:43 Mon
Indices Monday – 5 July 2021
AUS200 23:00 Sun – 22:00 Mon
STOXX50E 23:00 Sun – 22:00 Mon
FCHI40 23:00 Sun – 22:00 Mon
GDAXI 01:30 Mon – 21:00 Mon
J225 *23:00 Sun– 17:58 Mon
SPA35 07:00 Mon – 19:00 Mon
UK100 23:00 Sun – 22:00 Mon
SPX500 *23:00 Sun– 17:58 Mon
NDX *23:00 Sun– 17:58 Mon
WS30 *23:00 Sun– 17:58 Mon
Stocks Monday – 5 July 2021
All US stocks CLOSED

*Amended trading hours.


**The DARWIN Exchange will remain open even if the underlying assets’ market is closed. Learn about standard procedure when you buy/sell a DARWIN whose underlying asset market is closed: What happens if you want to buy/sell a DARWIN which has underlying trades open with different opening/closing times?

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Queen’s Birthday Amended Trading Hours

We have published our amended trading hours for the upcoming Queen’s Birthday Bank Holiday in Australia, including the trading hours for the DARWIN asset class. The assets affected are as follows.


Monday 14th June Late Open 07:11

All times are UTC.

During this holiday spreads may be wider and liquidity may be thinner than on normal weeks.

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The Darwinex Team