Bye, Bye, 2015 – Hello 2016!

End of December is the time of the year where most reflect back on their ups and downs in the year that’s closing, and gather strength to implement New Year resolutions.

On that note, here’s a look back on what happened this side of the evolutionary guerrilla in 2015, and some hints as to what’s coming in 2016.

Bye Bye 2015

January started with a big-bang. The 15th, the Swiss National Bank decided to rock the boat… and taught many lucky traders & brokers (including us!) a lesson they won’t forget. Others (brokers and traders) weren’t lucky enough to survive it 🙁

February had the team working around the clock to unveil the live investor beta – and 200 of our users were generous enough to try the platform with live monies.  Your trust means the world to the traders listing their first DARWINs. Plus we’ve learnt valuable lessons on where to take the product next. THANK YOU guys.


Killing bug after bug kept us busy for the better part of 3 months. But then again, invaluable help from many of you guys (thank you, 50 and all their group), fellow friends in Sweden, and so many others – you know who you are! God knows the patience you had to exercise 🙂

May was a good month for the DARWIN community – with a 2% positive yield for the month! Who said that independent trader strategies lose systematically?

June was busy – all these Darwinian filters to slice & dice the Darwinian community!

We spent the summer, working away on something new. Meanwhile, you guys were so generous referring friends that new deposits in July totalled more than ALL deposits in 2014. Now that’s evolution at work!

September was time for yet another foolish idea. In addition to paying customers for trading consistently, we started investing in them. More than EUR 1 MM of our own capital is already deployed with the winners of the DarwinIA contest. It’s still early days, but we’re confident that in the long run, we’ll be the first broker where publicity stunts make us money.

October wasn’t easy. We’d promised we’d launch indices & commodities, but failed to launch. Sorry – things have a habit of taking longer than expected!

November saw indices & commodities (finally) introduced. On the plus side, everyone liked it: trading volumes have been soaring since.

December saw the first Tradeslide / Darwinex employees shed a few tears of joy. 3 years and a name change after we started, the investor platform left beta and was opened for business as usual. Seems very long, but hey, human evolution took millions of years, and we’ve only taken 3!

Hello 2016!

So much stuff has changed,  keeps changing and will change, it feels hard to look beyond the first quarter!

Having said that, here’s some hints.

  1. YES –  MT4 server time is switching to NY close. People are overwhelmingly in favour of the change, and we’ve been saying this for months. Unfortunately, (or so our CTO says) there’s some risk that the change might mess up with the database of historical trades, so we have to be careful in planning for it. Sorry. Won’t be long now.
  2. The 1st Quarter will see a new investing concept from us. Can’t disclose much more at this stage – but rest assured, it’s darwinian 🙂
  3. Skilled traders are our lifeblood, and we know. After the launch of the new investing feature, future product evolution will be trader led.

Feel free to reach out with ideas, now’s the time to ask…  but above all, it’s time to celebrate.

Thank you guys. We wouldn’t be here without you. Happy 2016!

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