Buy Stop Orders for DARWINs

Buy Stop Orders for DARWINs, Available Now

DARWIN investors can now set buy stop orders for DARWINs in order to automatically buy when the quote rises above a certain level.

High level of acceptance of conditional orders

A year ago, when we launched conditional orders for DARWINs, we wrote that we’d activate buy stop orders once everyone was comfortable with the other 3 limit order types.

Those other 3 types of orders were:

  1. Buy Limit orders or automatic buying when the DARWIN’s quote falls below a certain level.
  2. Stop Loss orders or automatic selling when the DARWIN’s quote falls below a certain level.
  3. Take Profit orders or automatic selling when the DARWIN’s quote rises above a certain level.

Today we can say that those 3 types of orders are already part of the DARWIN investor’s – be they passive investors or traders of DARWINs – basic toolkit.

Buy stop orders: automatic buying when the quote rises above a certain level

Buy stop orders for DARWINs consist of setting a quote level, higher than the current one, at which a buy order gets triggered. The logic behind this order is that the investor joins the DARWIN when its quote is rising, following an upward – bullish – trend.

Buy stop orders, just like buy limit orders, can have associated stop loss and take profit orders.

Once a buy stop order gets set, investors will see a confirmation of it in the confirmation dialogue.

When a buy stop order gets triggered, investors receive an email notification confirming whether the order could get executed or not. The buy stop order doesn’t block money from your available equity, so if the order gets triggered and there’s not enough available equity for it, the order won’t get executed.

While the order waits to get triggered, it can be viewed and edited in the “Pending orders” section of the DARWIN terminal.

And once it gets executed, the “History” tab will indicate the reason of the execution.

Candle charts to check whether the quote hit a certain level or not

In order to check whether a DARWIN’s quote hit a certain level or not, investors can consult our candle charts for DARWINs.

For a detailed explanation of our candle charts, please read the article in which we announced the launch of the first 3 types of limit orders.

Check out the recording of the webinar “DARWIN Conditional orders” for more details about how conditional orders work.

Have you already tried to set buy stop orders? As alway, we’re keen to receive your comments and feedback!

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  1. Ichi
    Ichi says:

    This is certainly an improvement.
    But what I’ve really been waiting for is an MA/EMA/SMA trailing stop with the ability to Shift the MA’s (to the right). And the same, but for entries. When price crosses the set MA (i.e. shifted) a trade is opened.

    These 2 features would make Darwinex so much more practically useful. Currently 77% of retail investor accounts lose money. How come, if people would be able to pick the great Darwins? Darwinex investment features are lacking. And I know you guys will get there, but it took quite a long while just add a buy stop feature.


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