Brexit, the endgame: what you need to know in a no-deal Brexit scenario

With the year coming to an end and Brexit coming into force on January 1st 2021, we would like to remind you that Darwinex is Brexit ready. Below are some updates for both existing and new customers. Please note that these will be relevant only in the case of a no-deal Brexit.

No-deal Brexit for existing EU customers

What changes in your relationship with FCA-regulated Darwinex in a no-deal Brexit scenario? In short: nothing, if you’re an existing customer.

  1. The FCA continues to protect your right to trade with us.
  2. Your monies remain with Santander UK, Natwest Bank or Sabadell UK in London.
  3. Your Funds enjoy FSCS deposit protection and Lloyd’s insurance for up to GBP 500,000.

Brexit doesn’t impair your right to trade with counterparties in 3rd countries outside the EU. You could trade with Australian brokers, you continue to enjoy the right to trade with UK brokers.

No-deal Brexit for new EU customers

For Darwinex, a no-deal Brexit scenario means restrictions to market to new EU customers with our FCA entity. We’ll shortly share details of our new license in the EU, which will offer identical conditions to our UK entity.

Our FCA-regulated UK entity will, in any case, continue accepting EU customers whenever reverse solicitation applies. Reverse solicitation means traders and investors approaching Darwinex on their own initiative and Darwinex not having solicited them to trade or invest.

We’ve recorded a podcast episode about Brexit and prepared a Brexit FAQ. Feel free to send to any questions you might have and we’ll answer them for everyone’s benefit!