Bank of Canada Interest Rate Decision Time

It’s time to prepare for the upcoming Bank of Canada Interest Rate Decision again. Will it be a flurry of volatility or like watching paint dry?

The BOC reduced rates from 0.75% to 0.25% on March 27th 2020, and that’s where they’ve remained. The consensus has been the BOC will keep them there, and again, that’s what they’ve done. So far, we’ve not had any surprises.

Holding the Interest Rate steady like this has led to pretty flat trading during these times, with only minimal spikes in price.

Interest Rate Decisions always carry the potential for colossal volatility spikes and should be considered a hazardous time to trade.

Are you a news trader?

Or maybe a breakout trader?

If you plan on trading the Bank of Canada Interest Rate Decision, Tweet us back on how you plan on tackling a volatility storm should it surface!

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