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Chart Displaying The AuM Evolution In A DARWIN, Available Now

Your wish is our command. Some time ago you asked us to check how invested capital in DARWINs had evolved over time, and to compare its curve with that of other metrics such as return or D-Score. Said and done, there you have it!

Where is it?

We have incorporated the brand-new chart inside the Investors tab (it used to be called Divergence in the past).

Note: The chart is not available in DARWINs that have not managed to attract investment capital.

Chart Breakdown

The chart is made up of 2 well differentiated sections. The main one shows the AuM evolution with the aid of a line graph, whereas the other, placed just below, displays the evolution in the number of investors.

By the way, data has a granularity of 1 day and you can zoom in on it!

Cap on invested capital and times when the DARWIN remained closed

Should the DARWIN provider had decided to set a maximum investment capital, it will be displayed in the chart with a horizontal dot line. Likewise, periods in which the purchase of the DARWIN remained closed are represented by shaded columns.

Search, compare and, if you find something better, select it!

In the chart header you can choose which DARWIN parameter you want to compare the evolution of investment capital with. In this first iteration you can select return or D-Score. Which one do you think attracts more investment capital?

Additional statistics

And finally, on the right hand side, we offer you a battery of statistics similar to the one existing in other parts of our website showing:

  • Maximum capital invested
  • Investment capital variation
  • Maximum nº of investors
  • Variation in the nº of investors

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