‘Ask Me Anything’ Session December 2018 – Watch or Listen to the Recording

19 December 2018
The Market Owl

6 months after the previous AMA session, on December 11th we held the Winter 2018 Ask Me Anything session where founders Juan and Javier Colón answered to questions from Darwinex users.

Here’s the list of questions and the session’s recording both in video and audio formats.


  1. Will you change the minimums of 500 EUR for trading account and 200 EUR for DARWIN investments? Please, keep it the same. Not everybody can afford more.
  2. First of all thanks for all the improvements to the platform that keep coming up!! When will we have access to more exotic currency pairs like USD/RUB, USD/ZAR, USD/INR, USD/BRL, USD/KRW, USD/ARS ? Thanks.
  3. Could you please offer 1:2 leverage for cryptocurrencies? LMAX already offers it and such leverage is allowed by ESMA.
  4. Do you plan to introduce other instruments that are most liquid like ETF, Options and Futures in the near future? If so, have you got a release date?
  5. On the FCA website there is written under Permissions that you can act as a Principal (i.e. as a Dealing Desk) without limitations which is in contrast with what is stated on your website: (NDD / STP / DMA). Can you clarify? Thanks.
  6. When will macOS trading platform be available with Darwinex?
  7. What are your plans to attract Darwinex to the best traders out there? Are you going to reach out to successful traders/managers on other platforms and ”lure” them to your platform? 🙂
  8. What are your plans on developing community sentiment indicator?
  9. How to check which trades of my portfolio make Divergence worse?
  10. Pls describe how to best size up a small account with the smallest impact in alterations of the portfolio in regard to Darwinia? I think many are interested in that.
  11. You have uploaded tick data of your history data but how can the masses (me) use it? Can u pls show us to convert your history data to OHLC so we can backtest it mt4. A valid question is, are the masses comfortable with python, I think not. So pls show us the road. I tried to mail Ali but no answer/ cheers Tim.
  12. It’s been over a year now that we’ve invested on your platform and we lose money. While we invested in the Darwin that seemed the most robust and the least risky (seniority, D-Score, Drawdown, risk limitation with 11 Darwin in the portfolio, more investors: THA, FEG, GAF, QUA, DLF, BDR, LVS, JZH, NTR, SCS, STV, THJ.). Despite the (too) numerous indicators, we feel that there is no rule that allows us to secure our investment and to be truly profitable over the long term. Are there really profitable investors? What is the percentage? Has the deterioration seen over the last few months been impacted by the ESMA rules and the increase in trading algorithms containing more and more AI ? We are worried and need to be reassured about the perenity of our investment on Darwin. Thank you in advance for your answers.
  13. Will you provide alerts system for investors? e.g. unusual behaviour of a darwin or more useful: a new darwin that meets filtered criterias.
  14. When futures ?
  15. I am Italian but Bahraini resident, why I cannot open an account with Darwinex?
  16. Will you make a new Investors Program with more advanced information? We -investors – need all the help we can get.
  17. The new backup test tool is amazing but I hope its the start. Do you have plans to make API accessible to investors that lack programming expertise? A GUI I mean.
  18. There are many podcasts in spanish that contain useful info for investors. Please consider adding an english translation.
  19. Adding a criterion based on the equity of the trader to access the biggest darwinia prizes was a good idea in my opinion. It would be better if the underlying’s strategy VAR would be considered as well (with the trader’s equity combined I mean).
  20. Does Darwinex plan to implement the feature to receive email alerts on DARWIN investments drawdowns? It it required by MiFID II to send alerts on -10% fluctuations when providing portfolio management, as well as monthly reports.
  21. CFD trading conditions seem better at IG than they are at LMAX. Wouldn’t it be possible to trade own account under IG conditions yet get the signals copied at LMAX (more unbiased execution on winning strategies) for investors ?
  22. Do you intend to allow darwin portfolio managers to receive commisions/rewards? We – investors – need an easy way to invest into darwinex. Any ideas?
  23. Is Germany interesting as a target market for darwinex and are marketing materials planned in German Language?

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