2017 Annual Tax Report Available

Spring is not only the season that greens our parks and fields, but it is also the time when we have to “get naked”, fiscally speaking, in front of the Treasury. Papers with reports, spreadsheets, new laws that are enacted, others that dissapear… A real nightmare, right?

We already imagine you. In a dark office, a table covered with all your trades of 2017, hair somewhat tangled due to the intestine fight collecting all the data your financial advisor is requesting.

On top of that paper chaos, we can glimpse twelve tax reports -one for each month of the year- with an owl in the header that we imagine are the ones that we put at your disposal to make this arduous task as bearable as possible.

Since we understand that your time is worth gold (and now even more, since the ounce picks up strongly), we are pleased to present you Darwinex’s new ANNUAL tax report that will save you time, headaches and, in passing, save some poor and defenseless trees from being “tattooed” with numbers and figures so that they continue to make Planet Earth a more livable place.

You can now collect all the mess you have all over the table, comb those messy hairs, call your tax advisor – if you have one – to tell him that your Darwinex fiscal data is ready and download the new and flaming sheet with your annual fiscal pic.

To do this, you have to click on the icon of your Darwinex’ profile, click on the tab “fiscal report” and voilà, you will see the option to download the annual report by trades.

Annual tax report

Trade with caution!

The next webinar at Darwinex on May 24th, 6PM London Time will be dedicated to trading single stock CFDs – it’d be great if you attend!

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