Accroître la capacité d’investissement grâce à l’effet de levier sur la plateforme Darwinex

8 August 2017

Si, en tant qu’investisseur, vous avez activé l’option de levier, il existe un moyen d’augmenter votre montant d’investissement en cas d’investissement profitable sur un DARWIN donné.   À titre d’exemple, supposons que nous avons investi 5 000 € sur un DARWIN et que le P/L ouvert est de 1 000 €. Supposons également que l’effet […]

DARWIN Filters: A Practical Alternative to Markowitz Portfolio Theory

5 June 2017

In 1952 [1], the great Harry Markowitz published a paper on portfolio selection that essentially set the stage for modern portfolio theory in a mathematical context. For those not familiar with this Nobel Prize winning economist [2], he devised a methodology whereby investors could mathematically evaluate the proportion of total available capital to allocate, to […]

Hidden Markov Models & Regime Change: DARWINs vs. S&P500

24 April 2017

In this post, we will employ a statistical time series approach using Hidden Markov Models (HMM), to firstly obtain visual evidence of regime change in the S&P500. We will then compare the index’ performance to a DARWIN Portfolio, between June 2014 and March 2017. Detecting significant, unforeseen changes in underlying market conditions (termed “market regimes“) […]