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DARWIN instead of PAMM? – the trader view

27 December 2014

You already manage friends & family money via PAMM or MAMM schemes, and legitimately ask: DARWIN instead of PAMM? Granted – if you’ve traded for long enough, listing a DARWIN is hardly inventing the “managing investor capital / healthy leverage” wheel. Here’s our take: listing a DARWIN is fully compatible with managing capital elsewhere, because your listed DARWIN […]

Risk Management – The Single Most Important Investable Attribute

11 December 2014

Risk management is the single most important investable attribute. Your grade reflects the trouble our algorithms have in transforming your strategy into an investable DARWIN. If you hold your Value at Risk constant, ideally by placing all your positions in a tight leverage range, we don’t intervene and grant you a 10/10. The moment your […]

DarwinIA Trading Challenge

13 November 2014

Investable trading is the only long term profitable way. But, what about the short term? Long term can seem very far away! To help you, we at Darwinex have decided to launch DarwinIA, our monthly cash prize awarded to strategies with Investor Appeal. The prize money is paid to the Darwinex strategies that have been analyzed by our patented algos […]

Value at Risk or VaR

14 July 2014

You all have read these disclaimers: “Trading may carry a high degree of risk to your capital” Indeed, trading is risky. But you’ll probably agree that not all trading strategies carry the same risk. Wouldn’t it be great to have one single risk measure that tells, at a glance, how risky a given trading strategy is? […]

Darwinia: the trading challenge for trading skill

2 July 2014

Darwinex is a profit exchange: we pair skilled traders with savvy investors for mutual, long term, benefit. But finding consistent trading strategies to invest in is not easy. At Darwinex, we have developed proprietary algorithms that allow us to measure how attractive a given strategy is from an investor’s point of view. Obviously, savvy investors don’t […]