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FXCM – Update to US users

7 February 2017

On August 25, 2015, we published a post titled “how to tell a forex broker from a market maker”. In that post, we went to reasonable lengths to describe how Darwinex, an FCA Regulated “Matched Principal Broker”, trades WITH its customers, and never takes any positions against clients – a regulatory stipulation as well as […]

How to tell a forex broker from a market maker

25 August 2015

Following up on How to tell if a broker is regulated, here’s the answer to another classic: is my forex “broker” really a broker, or a dealing desk? NB: if you’re unsure why brokers and dealers (market makers) tick differently, watch this webinar. All we do here is get the regulator to tell you what’s what, in language meant for traders, not lawyers. […]

How to tell if/how a forex broker is regulated

20 August 2015

This is a classic for our customer service, so here’s a little guide to figure out if your broker is regulated, who’s behind it, and what permissions it holds. FYI: this is a guide for European traders – we’ll use Darwinex as an example – but if you’re seeking guidance on US regulation, this won’t be […]

Darwinex slippage – explained

31 July 2015

This post answers the inordinate amount of  complaints and occasional abuse (“you guys are a bucket-shop”) we get for situations when slippage is NOT our fault. In it, we : Cover the text-book definition of slippage, Explain what causes it, Describe situations in which it can get particularly bad. It does NOT cover technical issues which result in sub-optimal fills: in those […]

Trader Intellectual Property

24 June 2015

What happened Last week, an argument erupted over intellectual property for one of the DARWINs we list. A party approached us claiming that a Darwinex MT4 account holder was trading their signals – then listing a DARWIN on it. Since the terms and conditions of their signal service prohibit customers from reselling them, they demanded that we […]

The 7 sins of trading

31 March 2015

If you’ve made it to Darwinex, this post is no news. Then again, it pains us to lose newbie traders to mistakes that lost thousands before them. Foretold is forewarned, so here we go. Religion paved the way listing the 7 sins that undo man. No claim to deity status, but here’s our list on the 7 sins that undo independent trader. 1. Greed Trading is a […]